The Best Features of Instagram TV and How to Use Them

If you are an avid consumer of social media, you have surely noticed the ongoing trend that favors video content over any other form of content, including images and text. Instagram is one of the latest worldly networks to join this trend with the release of Instagram TV (IGTV), which already proves to be a magnificent marketing tool for users everywhere.

If you want to find out more about IGTV, you have come to the right place. Today, we are looking at the best features of Instagram TV and how to use them!


IGTV comes as an extension of Instagram video features for those who use the app. While regular video posts on Instagram could only last as much as 60 seconds, the new Instagram TV allows you to post clips as long as one hour.

Instagram wants to make this TV a stand-alone feature, even though for now you need an Instagram account first to open your IGTV channel. In the near future, the app wants to compete with equally famous video-sharing platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Until IGTV will reach YouTube's remarkable audience made of more than one billion active users, it will have to settle for Instagram users who want to get more attention through video content than through sharing holiday pictures.


IGTV aims to differentiate itself from the competition by allowing only premium quality content. For example, it does not allow users to post clips as they record them. Instead, they urge them to edit the videos before uploading them, so the quality standards remain at a consistently high level.

All Instagram users can open an IGTV account for free. Also, they can view the videos posts of people they follow on Instagram who has already opened an IGTV account without having to follow them again on Instagram TV. The app is available in the form of a web version as well as for all devices that use Android or iOS.


The recent years have seen a shift in consumer preferences when it comes to content length. While in the past users preferred to receive information in short and quick doses, now they opt more for long clips. As long as they receive high-quality information, they do not mind spending a bit more time on a single post.

Once you understand how Instagram TV works, you can use it to boost your online popularity. Additionally, if you use it to promote your business, it will become one of your leading tools for raising brand awareness and marketing through InstaGrowing. Increase your understanding of IGTV to boost your visibility on social media!


Instagram TV works a bit like regular television. You have several channels that you can follow and zap from one to another and watch the content that interests you the most. The novelty comes from the fact that you can open your own broadcasting channel, too.

As long as you comply with the terms and conditions imposed by the platform, you can start posting about whatever you wish to share with the world.

Do you want to have a channel dedicated exclusively to your cat's shenanigans? Go for it!

Do you want to post clips that raise awareness over climate warming? No one will stop you!

Will you use your IGTV channel to grow your business and raise brand awareness? You MUST do it, regardless of how large or unknown your company is.

There is stiff competition between corporations everywhere to attract more customers through video content. Some estimate that more than 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. Most of that audience will soon turn to IGTV for new and exciting content. By then, you will have to grow into a solid presence on the network to make sure that you attract as many viewers as possible.

To develop a large following on Instagram TV, you will need to post premium quality content, act professional and impose a stable, attractive image of your company. People will ask for posting consistency and excellent video editing in return for following your channel in the long run.