Features of the top VPN choice for Linux

According to recent research, there has been a slight increase in the number of people using Linux desktop today. Though the number is still low at 3%, connection via VPN for these users is as important as it is for Window and Mac.

There are a lot of VPN choices for VPN on the market though. Perhaps a bit too many that it becomes overwhelming for one to select.

One thing notable about Linux is that both Linux Kernel and the OS are open-source. This means that anyone can modify and develop their version.

Linux is simply an operating system that is based on the Linux Kernel OS. It is not just anyone platform. As of today, there are over 200 Linux distributions with Ubuntu as the most popular.

Though they tend to be a bit nifty technically, it is very important that Linux users equip themselves with VPN.

Why Linux users need VPN

  1. Public Wi-Fi: if you are conducting sensitive online activities, you need a VPN to avoid prying eyes. Public Wi-Fi leaves loopholes for hackers and such individuals who steal private information.
  2. Streaming: there is certain content made only for specific geo-locations. Accessing such content from another location can be dangerous. VPNs make you appear as though you are in those locations to avoid trouble. You can access the content from anywhere in the world.
  3. Privacy: the internet is full of prying eyes and hackers. Many governments are using ISPs to spy on what you do online. You need VPN to shield yourself from such.
  4. Bypass censorship: many governments have blocked access to specific online content and sites. Use VPN to go around these restrictions.

What are the features of the best choice Linux VPN therefore?

The Linux market is small, but for long, it has been hard for a developer to release a version of their program. Many of the released tools are either too cumbersome or just too difficult to work around with. Fortunately, this trend is changing, and now you can get a VPN for Linux.

In this section, Web and Security Expert of the TOPVPNCHOICE company tell about the features that one must look out for in the best VPN for Linux.

  1. Compatibility

With so many options to choose from, the VPN must be compatible with the Linux Operating System. Many of the tools on the market might not work with Linux as it is not such a large market. It should have software for the operating system.

  1. Open source

The best VPN for Linux should be open source. Linux itself as a whole is based on open source. The reason for this is to ensure absolute anonymity.

  1. High connection speed

The connection speed matters a lot when it comes to VPN connection. Generally, VPNs affect internet speed, but a good VPN will offer you improved speeds, and you might not even feel the effect.

  1. Server network

The most important determents of the best VPN for Linux are the size and performance of the server network. It should have as many servers as possible with high connection speeds.

  1. Setup and use

A good VPN must be easy to use. When considering any service, emphasize how easy it is to use.

  1. Logging policy

When selecting a VPN, one of the considerations most ignored by many users is the jurisdiction a VPN company is headquartered in. Find out the data if any- it stores users activities.


While it is important that you connect to the internet using VPN, it is more important to choose wisely. The features discussed above describe what a good VPN for Linux should be. Now you can have an easy time choosing your service following this guide.